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Are you looking for quality house clearance service? Sal Removals is at your service to serve you with the best efforts. With our house clearance service in North London, you can save money and time simultaneously. You will enjoy all the benefits, and all the hassles of house clearance will be eliminated. All your trash, unwanted items, and junk will be removed from your house and its surroundings. 

We will help you to free up your space immediately. We also offer same-day service for removing trash from your property. So, if you are planning to relocate and want a quick house clearance, contact our service today. 

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Here’s What You Will Enjoy from Our House Clearance Service in North London

Our clients will enjoy a professional and flexible house clearance service. We will help you clean your space in a short period. Along with the house, we will also clean the whole surroundings. 

Here’s How Our House Clearance Service Will Be Beneficial During Relocating

Frequently Asked Questions​

The price for a house clearance in North London typically ranges from £450 to £1,000. The cost depends on how big the property is and how much stuff needs to be taken away. If you don’t have much money, the local council might have cheaper house clearance services available for you.

House clearance companies usually begin by giving you a cost estimate at no charge. Once you’ve settled on the price, they’ll set a date and time to clean out your place. When the scheduled day arrives, the team will come to your property and take away all the stuff you don’t want. After that, they’ll get rid of the waste properly.


A house clearance usually includes these steps:

  • Assessment: The team will look around the property and figure out what needs to go.
  • Disposal: The team will take out the stuff you don’t want from the property.
  • Dispose: They’ll get rid of the waste in a responsible way, like recycling, composting, or burning it safely.

Many house clearance companies in North London will remove various kinds of rubbish, like furniture, appliances, gadgets, and clothes. But, be aware that some companies might ask for extra money for specific things, like dangerous waste or garden waste.

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