Top 10 Best Places to Live in North London 2023

Are you moving to North London?

If so, you might be wondering, “Is North London a good area to live?

In this article, we’ll explore some of the best places to live in North London, each with its unique charm and character. We will discuss the advantages of residing in these neighborhoods, the cost of living, and what makes each area special.

Before we jump into the subject, Let’s embark on the journey of North London!

North London is known for its diverse neighborhoods, rich history, and vibrant cultural scene. With its excellent transport links and numerous amenities, it’s no wonder that North London continues to attract residents from all walks of life.

1) Camden



Camden, in the London Borough of Camden, is a lively neighborhood with a bustling market, live music spots, and a diverse community. It’s a hotspot for creative folks, featuring a mix of different cultures and styles. The famous Camden Market is the go-to place, offering everything from old-fashioned clothes to tasty street food.

Why to Choose Camden?

Camden’s distinct vibe and creative atmosphere make it an ideal spot for artists and musicians. The neighborhood boasts excellent schools, parks, and reliable transportation connections. Camden Lock and Regent’s Canal offer peaceful places to unwind.

Cost of Living:

Camden is relatively budget-friendly compared to some other North London areas. Nevertheless, your cost of living can fluctuate based on your lifestyle and housing choices. Rent prices tend to be on the higher end, but there are various housing options available, from modern apartments to Victorian-style houses.

2) Highgate



Highgate, situated on a hill, is a beautiful and well-off neighborhood, famous for its green spaces and lovely buildings. It’s surrounded by wonderful woodlands, such as Highgate Wood and Hampstead Heath. Highgate Village, the heart of the area, has small shops, cozy pubs, and pleasant cafes.

Why to Choose Highgate?

Highgate provides a calm escape from the busy city, with lots of green areas and a peaceful atmosphere. The neighborhood has great schools, a lively local community, and good transportation links. Hampstead Heath, with its fantastic views of London, is an ideal spot for leisure.

Cost of Living:

Living in Highgate can be expensive due to its well-off nature. The houses in Highgate range from charming old homes to luxurious modern apartments, but rent and property prices are notably high.

3) Barnet



Barnet is one of London’s bigger areas and has a mix of city and suburban living. It’s a diverse place with different types of homes, like family houses, flats, and apartments. Barnet is known for its good schools, parks, and plenty of places to shop and eat.

Why to Choose Barnet?

Barnet is a good place for families with good schools, green spaces, and lots of things nearby. It’s also easy to get to the city center because of the good transport connections.

Cost of Living:

Living in Barnet is generally more affordable than in some other parts of North London. The cost of living might change depending on where exactly you live in Barnet, but it’s usually seen as budget-friendly.

4) Archway



Archway, in the London Borough of Islington, is a diverse and lively neighborhood known for its mix of cultures and energetic vibe. It’s changing and improving, with work happening to make the area better.

Why to Choose Archway?

Archway’s central location, good transportation, and more and more shops and restaurants make it an exciting place to live. You can also easily get to green areas like Hampstead Heath.

Cost of Living:

In Archway, you can find different types of homes, from cheaper apartments to stylish townhouses. The cost of living is fairly reasonable, which is good for young professionals and families.

5) Finsbury Park

Finsbury Park


Finsbury Park is a lively neighborhood centered around the big Finsbury Park itself. The park is where folks go for fun stuff like concerts, sports, and picnics. This area has a close-knit community and lots of cultural stuff and places to eat.

Why to Choose Finsbury Park?

Finsbury Park is a lively and culturally diverse neighborhood with a strong sense of community. It’s easy to get around using public transport, and the park is a big plus for folks who want green space in the middle of the city.

Cost of Living:

Living in Finsbury Park is usually cheaper than other North London neighborhoods. You can find different types of homes, like apartments or older houses, to match your budget.

6) Hampstead



Hampstead is a fancy and lovely place in North London, known for its pretty streets, old buildings, and cultural importance. There’s also the beautiful Hampstead Heath, a big green space with great views of London.

Why to Choose Hampstead?

Hampstead is all about being classy and stylish. It has high-quality living, good schools, and a rich cultural scene. The Heath is perfect for people who like the outdoors and want a break from the busy city.

Cost of Living:

Living in Hampstead can be expensive because it’s a posh neighborhood. There are fancy old houses and upscale apartments here, which usually come with high rents and prices if you want to buy.

7) Muswell Hill

Muswell Hill


Muswell Hill, in the London Borough of Haringey, is a green and well-off place known for its old-style houses. There are lots of small shops, restaurants, and green spaces like Alexandra Palace and Highgate Wood.

Why to Choose Muswell Hill?

Muswell Hill is good for families with lots of schools and green places. The community here is strong, and it’s easy to get around using public transport. The Broadway, the main shopping and dining area, is a lively and friendly place.

Cost of Living:

Living in Muswell Hill can be pricey, just like its fancy reputation. There are different types of houses here, from big-family homes to fancy apartments, and the prices show how much people want to live here.

8) Fulham



Fulham, in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, is a popular place to live and known for its riverside spots, stylish shops, and places to eat. It’s by the River Thames and not far from parks like Bishops Park.

Why to Choose Fulham?

Fulham is all about living in style. It’s easy to get to central London, has good schools, and offers things to do like rowing and eating by the water.

Cost of Living:

Fulham is one of the more expensive neighborhoods in North London. The area is known for its upscale riverside properties, elegant apartments, and fine dining options, all of which come with a premium price tag.

9) Kingsbury



Kingsbury is a diverse and welcoming neighborhood located in the London Borough of Brent. It’s known for its excellent transport links, green spaces, and a mix of housing options, including family homes and apartments. The area offers a strong sense of community and easy access to local amenities.

Why to Choose Kingsbury?

Kingsbury provides an affordable living experience compared to many other North London neighborhoods. It’s family-friendly, with good schools and ample green spaces for recreational activities. Public transport options make commuting convenient.

Cost of Living:

Fulham is one of the more expensive areas in North London. There are fancy riverside homes, nice apartments, and great places to eat, but they all come with a high price.

10) Chelsea



Chelsea is a fancy neighborhood, even though it’s in West London, it’s kinda like it’s part of North London because it’s close and well-connected. People know Chelsea for its posh shopping, dining, and things to do.

Why to Choose Chelsea?

Chelsea is all about living in style with lots of fancy shops, places to eat, and fun stuff to do. It has good schools, pretty gardens, and a quiet area by the River Thames called Chelsea Embankment.

Cost of Living:

Living in Chelsea is one of the priciest options in London. There are grand old houses, nice apartments, and places with famous addresses, but you’ll pay a lot for them. It’s a neighborhood for people who want luxury and exclusivity.

Best Places to Live in North London

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North London has lots of different neighborhoods, each with its style, good things, and living costs. Whether you want the creative energy of Camden, the calm and green of Highgate, or the luxury of Chelsea, there’s a North London neighborhood for you. Like with any choice, you need to think about the good and bad things, your budget, and what’s most important to you when you’re picking the best place to live in North London.

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